Keywords = دانشجویان
Number of Articles: 9
1. Effect of the Satellite Channel Programs on Value System of the Students in Islamic Azad University( Neka Branch)

Volume 7, Issue 22, Autumn 2016, Pages 135-148

Mohammad Hajizad; Mona Mahdizadeh; Hossein Bagheri

2. Comparing Social Compatibility of Male and Female Students in Payam-e Nour University (PNU) of Dareshahr

Volume 7, Issue 20, Winter 2016, Pages 89-108

somayeh khodarahmi; mahtab alavi; sajad ezati

3. Social Factors Influencing Tendency towards the Superstitions (Case Study: Students of Azad University of Ardabil)

Volume 6, Issue 18, Summer 2015, Pages 53-72

eqbaleh azizkhani; jafar ebrahimi; jafar abtin

6. A Sociological Analysis of Citizenship Status among South Khorasan Payamnoor Students

Volume 5, Issue 15, Autumn 2014, Pages 51-72

Mohammadhassan Sharbatiyan; Azam Ahamadi

8. A Study of Cultural Intelligence among Students of IAU at the East of Mazandaran University

Volume 5, Issue 14, Summer 2014, Pages 87-102

Hoshang zahiri; hamideh salim bahrami; Nasser Pourreza; hossein ahmadi; Fatemeh zabihi; mahmoudreza Alizadeh

9. A Study of the Relationship between Self-actualization of People and Their Attitude to Democracy

Volume 5, Issue 13, Spring 2014, Pages 89-110

mahnaz Farahmand; sajad mombayeni; yasin khoramabad