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Number of Articles: 12
1. Comparison of Social Lifestyle of Employed Women and Housewives in Gilane-Gharb (Case Study: Young Women Aged 25-40 Years Old)

Volume 11, Issue 37, Spring 2020, Pages 41-54

Masoumeh Heidary Zargoush; Ehsan Najafi; Mohammad Hossien Asadi davood Abadi; Akbar Zohrabi

4. Sociological Study of Factors Influencing Youth Lifestyle (Case Study: 15-29 Years Old Youth in Khalkhal City)

Volume 10, Issue 33, Spring 2019, Pages 9-24

Davood Abdolahi; Mohammad Rahimi; Hassan Shiralizadeh

6. Smartphone Practice and Lifestyle: The Case of Urban in Iran

Volume 8, Issue 27, Autumn 2017, Pages 61-78

Hossein Kermani

7. A Sociological Study of the Effects of Lifestyle on Social Identity and its Effective Factors

Volume 7, Issue 23, Autumn 2016, Pages 43-56

Reza Esamaeili; Alireza Abedinzadeh

9. The Study of Tendency toward Various Types of Music among Young People in Zanjan

Volume 6, Issue 19, Autumn 2015, Pages 81-98

Afsoon Khalifeh; Majedeh Gholipour; Seyedeh Zahra Mirmohammadrezaei; Sekineh Noderloo

10. Body Management and Youth National Identity (Case Study: Sari Youth)

Volume 6, Issue 17, Spring 2015, Pages 9-32

Mehdi Adibi Sedeh; Hadi Jalali

11. An Evaluation of the Relationship between Virtual Social Network's Consumption and the Youth's Lifestyle

Volume 5, Issue 13, Spring 2014, Pages 69-88

soroush fathi; mansour vosoghi; godarz salmani

12. A Study on the Cultural Factors Among Ahwaz Coffee-Shop Youth

Volume 3, Issue 7, Autumn 2012, Pages 109-127

Mohammad Hassan Moghadas Jafari; Karim Reza Doost; Khadijeh Golbarian