Keywords = Students
Number of Articles: 15
5. Prediction of Instagram Social Network Addiction Based on the Personality, Alexithymia and Attachment Styles

Volume 8, Issue 26, Summer 2017, Pages 21-34

Zeinab Sadat Ershad; Tahmoures Aghajani

6. Effect of the Satellite Channel Programs on Value System of the Students in Islamic Azad University( Neka Branch)

Volume 7, Issue 22, Autumn 2016, Pages 135-148

Mohammad Hajizad; Mona Mahdizadeh; Hossein Bagheri

10. A Study of the Relationship between Self-actualization of People and Their Attitude to Democracy

Volume 5, Issue 13, Spring 2014, Pages 89-110

mahnaz Farahmand; sajad mombayeni; yasin khoramabad

12. A Survey of Media Literacy among Students in the Information Society in North Khorasan

Volume 3, Issue 7, Autumn 2012, Pages 43-56

Mahnaz Shojaee; Mahnaz Amirpour

13. The Effect of Participation Pattern on Sport Activities of I.A.U of Kermanshah Branch

Volume 3, Issue 6, Autumn 2012, Pages 91-80

Arash Ziapour; Neda Kiyanipour

15. A Study of the Effective Social and Cultural Factors on Educational Progress of Hig School Students in Shoush

Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter 2011, Pages 7-20

Ashagh Arjmand Siahposh; Mohammad Hassan Moghaddas Jafari; Mohammad Far Baghlani