Keywords = Youth
Number of Articles: 25
3. The Impact of Youth Identity Crisis on National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 10, Issue 35, Autumn 2019, Pages 67-86

Yousef Khan Mohammadi; Masoud Kaveh

4. The Sociological Study of Music Consumption (Case Study: the Youth of Sabzevar)

Volume 10, Issue 32, Winter 2019, Pages 91-100

Ebrahim Salehababi; Abolghasem Heidarabadi; Masoud Darabi

6. A Study of Social Factors Affecting the Body Management (Case Study: Adolescents and Youths of Isfahan City)

Volume 9, Issue 29, Spring 2018, Pages 9-26

Ashraf Abdolhosseini; Mansour Haghighatian

9. Sociological Factors Influencing Tendency to Cultural Deviations (Case Study: Youth in Darrehshahr, Iran)

Volume 8, Issue 24, Winter 2017, Pages 61-72

Jaber Molaei; Gholam Reza Ghasemnezhad; Ali Ranjbareyan

10. Sociological Study of Cultural Postmodernism Impact on the Responsibility of the Youth in Tehran

Volume 7, Issue 23, Autumn 2016, Pages 35-42

Masoud Darabi; Monirsadat Mirmohammadi

11. A sociological Study of Satellite Impact on Youth's Religious Identity in Tehran

Volume 7, Issue 22, Autumn 2016, Pages 9-30

Masoud Darabi; Mahnaz Amirpour; Abolghasem Heidarabadi

14. Subjective Welfare and the Impact of Social Trust on it (Case Study: Youth Living in Tehran)

Volume 7, Issue 20, Winter 2016, Pages 9-32

hossein bargahi; Narges Kabiri

16. The Youth's Socio-economic Challenges and Family Ideals (Case Study: Persons aged 15-17 in Sanandaj City)

Volume 6, Issue 18, Summer 2015, Pages 127-148

hossein mohammadzadeh; saeed khani

17. Body Management and Youth National Identity (Case Study: Sari Youth)

Volume 6, Issue 17, Spring 2015, Pages 9-32

Mehdi Adibi Sedeh; Hadi Jalali

18. Religiosity and National Identity among the Youth in Baneh and Qurveh

Volume 5, Issue 12, Winter 2014, Pages 151-172

majid movahed; rozgar salehi

19. 1. A Study on the Sustainable Spirit of the Youth in the Poems of the Contemporary Female Poets

Volume 5, Issue 12, Winter 2014, Pages 9-30

Mokarameh Hamidi; hosseinali pashahpasandi; hossein parrsaee

22. A Study on the Effect of Social and Psychological Factors on the Sense of Social Security(A Case Study of Youth 20 to 30 Years Old in Charmahal Va Bakhtiari)

Volume 4, Issue 10, Spring 2013, Pages 103-116

Hojatollah Moradi Pordanjani; Sattar Sadeghi; Enayatollah Tavakoli; Mohammad Ghasemi

23. A Relationship between the Youth Life Style and Attitude to Artificial Drugs Consumption in Shirvan

Volume 3, Issue 6, Autumn 2012, Pages 57-70

Ibrahim Aman Abad; Mohsen Salimi Aman Abad

24. A Research on the Fragmented Culture of Iran’s Youth in the Content of Pop Music Lyrics

Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter 2011, Pages 141-158

Hossein Mirzaii; Ensiye Sadati; Rahele Kardavani*; Mehdi Akbariyan; Leila Fathi

25. Typology of Religious Sub-cultures among Mashhad Youth

Volume 1, Issue 01, Winter 2010, Pages 9-38

Muhammad Reza Baratnezhad; Arash Ghahraman