Keywords = Internet
Number of Articles: 8
3. The Effect of Internet on Social Capital of the Youth in Ghaemshahr

Volume 6, Issue 16, Winter 2015, Pages 45-62

Nader Razeghi; Fexeh Amri

5. A Study on the Internet and its Effects on the Psycho-Social Behavior among the Students at IAU University

Volume 5, Issue 14, Summer 2014, Pages 147-178

mehrdad navabakhsh; shayan rahmani

6. The Explanatory Model of the Internet Applications and its Role on the Youth Sexual Identity in Tehran

Volume 3, Issue 7, Autumn 2012, Pages 151-186

Mehrdad Navabakhsh; Mehdi Mokhtarpour

8. A Study of Internet and Cell Phone Effects on the Youth (15-29 Years of Old)and Identity Change in Mazandaran

Volume 1, Issue 01, Winter 2010, Pages 145-170

Mehrdad Navabakhsh; Fatemeh Hashemnezhad; Vahid Zad Shampour