Keywords = life style
Number of Articles: 3
1. Lifestyle as a Kind of Resistance (A Case Study of Youth in Dezful City)

Volume 6, Issue 18, Summer 2015, Pages 149-166

mansour vossoghi; Nasim khajehzadeh

2. The Relationship between Socio-Economic Status and Music Consumption among the Youth in Tehran

Volume 4, Issue 11, Summer 2013, Pages 9-28

Qurban Ali Aqa Ahmadi; Zahra Qolizadeh; Farideh Mir Mohammadi

3. A Relationship between the Youth Life Style and Attitude to Artificial Drugs Consumption in Shirvan

Volume 3, Issue 6, Autumn 2012, Pages 57-70

Ibrahim Aman Abad; Mohsen Salimi Aman Abad