Keywords = Social capital
Number of Articles: 16
1. Study of the Relationship between Different Types of Capital (Economic, Social and Cultural) and Social Indifference (Case Study: Young People Aged 18-29 in Sanandaj)

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 07 July 2020

Yaghoub Ahmadi; Aboalghasem Heidarabadi

5. The Role of Social Capital in Organizational Commitment (Case Study of Sepah Bank Employees of Golestan, Gilan and Mazandaran Provinces)

Volume 11, Issue 36, Winter 2020, Pages 123-138

Ali Zahiri; Ali Asghar Abbasi Esfajir; Aboalghasem Heidarabadi

10. Effect of Cloob Social Network on Social Capital of Girls and Women in Tabriz

Volume 6, Issue 19, Autumn 2015, Pages 99-120

Samad Adlipour; Ahmad Mirmohammadtabar; Simin Afshar; Maryam Sohrabi

12. The Effect of Social Capital (In-group and Out-group) on the Students Mental Health (Case Study: Students of Tabriz University)

Volume 6, Issue 17, Spring 2015, Pages 163-184

Mohammad Sediq Nekonam; Arman Ahamadi; reza Asgari

13. The Effect of Internet on Social Capital of the Youth in Ghaemshahr

Volume 6, Issue 16, Winter 2015, Pages 45-62

Nader Razeghi; Fexeh Amri

14. Sociological Study of Factors Affecting Consumption of Cinema (Case Study: Young Girls and Boys in Sari)

Volume 6, Issue 16, Winter 2015, Pages 9-26

Ghorbanali Ebrahimi; mahmoud Farhadi; Hadi Razeghi

15. A Study on the Social Capital Components and its Impact on Women Security

Volume 5, Issue 12, Winter 2014, Pages 137-150

sedigheh Lotfi; javid molazadeh; mostafa ghadami; abolhassan shakeri