Keywords = social capital
Number of Articles: 9
3. Effect of Cloob Social Network on Social Capital of Girls and Women in Tabriz

Volume 6, Issue 19, Autumn 2015, Pages 99-120

Samad Adlipour; Ahmad Mirmohammadtabar; Simin Afshar; Maryam Sohrabi

5. The Effect of Social Capital (In-group and Out-group) on the Students Mental Health (Case Study: Students of Tabriz University)

Volume 6, Issue 17, Spring 2015, Pages 163-184

Mohammad Sediq Nekonam; Arman Ahamadi; reza Asgari

6. Sociological Study of Factors Affecting Consumption of Cinema (Case Study: Young Girls and Boys in Sari)

Volume 6, Issue 16, Winter 2015, Pages 9-26

Ghorbanali Ebrahimi; mahmoud Farhadi; Hadi Razeghi

7. The Effect of Internet on Social Capital of the Youth in Ghaemshahr

Volume 6, Issue 16, Winter 2015, Pages 45-62

Nader Razeghi; Fexeh Amri

8. A Study on the Social Capital Components and its Impact on Women Security

Volume 5, Issue 12, Winter 2014, Pages 137-150

sedigheh Lotfi; javid molazadeh; mostafa ghadami; abolhassan shakeri