Keywords = Religion
Number of Articles: 6
1. Investigating the Religious Orientation among High School Students in Andimeshk

Volume 9, Issue 31, Autumn 2018, Pages 121-130

Isaq Arjmand Siahpoush; Dariush Rezapour; Hassan Arjmandi; Bahareh Arjmand Siahpoush; Ali Arjmand

2. Study of University Students' Attitude towards the Spread of Religious Doubt among the Youth

Volume 6, Issue 19, Autumn 2015, Pages 9-28

Mohammadreza Ayobi; Alireza Afshani

3. A Study on the Origins of Identification among the High-School Female Students in Khalkhal

Volume 4, Issue 11, Summer 2013, Pages 81-94

Aqbleh Azizkhani; Soqra Malekpour

4. A Study on the Different Effect of Religiosity in General and Private Spheres of Life

Volume 2, Issue 3, Winter 2011, Pages 7-24

Taghi Azad Armaki; Fatemeh Moradi

6. Typology of Religious Sub-cultures among Mashhad Youth

Volume 1, Issue 01, Winter 2010, Pages 9-38

Muhammad Reza Baratnezhad; Arash Ghahraman