Keywords = Social factors
Number of Articles: 9
2. A Study on the Social Factors Influencing Scientific Papers Presentations among PhD Candidates at IAU of Babol

Volume 8, Issue 27, Autumn 2017, Pages 109-120

Manouchehr Pahlavan; Hoda Rezaei Roshan; Seyyedeh Hedyeh Hosseini

3. The Sociological Research on Family Problems in Bojnourd

Volume 8, Issue 25, Spring 2017, Pages 81-92

Ebrahim Salehabadi

4. Sociological Study of Motivation and its Effect on Iranian Teachers' Learning English

Volume 8, Issue 24, Winter 2017, Pages 49-60

Davood Mashhadi Heidar; Maryam Kaviani; Manouchehr Pahlavan

5. A Study on the Effect of Social and Psychological Factors on the Sense of Social Security(A Case Study of Youth 20 to 30 Years Old in Charmahal Va Bakhtiari)

Volume 4, Issue 10, Spring 2013, Pages 103-116

Hojatollah Moradi Pordanjani; Sattar Sadeghi; Enayatollah Tavakoli; Mohammad Ghasemi

6. Sexual Taboo and its Affection Factors(A Case Study of the Youth in Tehran

Volume 4, Issue 8, Winter 2013, Pages 9-22

Hossein Abolhasan Tanhaei; Zahra Ghasemi; Shirin Asadollahi

7. Social Alienation of the Youth and the Related Social Factors(A Case Study in Yasouj)

Volume 4, Issue 8, Winter 2013, Pages 45-58

Ali Hassan Tofighiyanfar; Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini

8. Social Factors Affecting on Drugs Abuse:( Slum Dwellers in Shiraz -Iran)

Volume 3, Issue 7, Autumn 2012, Pages 25-42

Keramatollah Rasekh; Tayebe Allapanazadeh