Keywords = Body Management
Number of Articles: 7
1. A Study of Social Factors Affecting the Body Management (Case Study: Adolescents and Youths of Isfahan City)

Volume 9, Issue 29, Spring 2018, Pages 9-26

Ashraf Abdolhosseini; Mansour Haghighatian

2. A Study on the Socio-cultural Factors Affecting Women's Cosmetic Surgery (A Case Study of Women in Noor City)

Volume 8, Issue 25, Spring 2017, Pages 9-26

Ali Asghar Abbasi Asfajir; Mostafa Ghasemi

4. Body Management and Youth National Identity (Case Study: Sari Youth)

Volume 6, Issue 17, Spring 2015, Pages 9-32

Mehdi Adibi Sedeh; Hadi Jalali

7. Analysing Youth Inclination to Body Management and Organs Control

Volume 1, Issue 01, Winter 2010, Pages 131-144

Muhammad Sadeq Mahdavi; Ali Asghar Abbasi Esfajir