Keywords = Cultural capital
Number of Articles: 14
2. Comparison of Social Lifestyle of Employed Women and Housewives in Gilane-Gharb (Case Study: Young Women Aged 25-40 Years Old)

Volume 11, Issue 37, Spring 2020, Pages 41-54

Masoumeh Heidary Zargoush; Ehsan Najafi; Mohammad Hossien Asadi davood Abadi; Akbar Zohrabi

4. The Sociological Study of Music Consumption (Case Study: the Youth of Sabzevar)

Volume 10, Issue 32, Winter 2019, Pages 91-100

Ebrahim Salehababi; Abolghasem Heidarabadi; Masoud Darabi

5. Measuring the Relationship between Cultural Capital and Social Trust (Case Study: Citizens of Zanjan City)

Volume 9, Issue 30, Summer 2018, Pages 45-52

Abolfazl Karami; Mohmmad Sadegh Mahdavi; Mostafa Azkia

6. A Study on the Socio-cultural Factors Affecting Women's Cosmetic Surgery (A Case Study of Women in Noor City)

Volume 8, Issue 25, Spring 2017, Pages 9-26

Ali Asghar Abbasi Asfajir; Mostafa Ghasemi

7. Influence of Cultural Capital on Social Trust (Case Study: Citizen 18 Years Old and above in Tehran

Volume 7, Issue 21, Spring 2016, Pages 25-44

ghorbanali ebrahimi; heydar janalizadeh; hadi razeghi

8. Study of Cultural Capital and Physical Self-Concept among Young Women (A Case Study of Women Aged 18-40 in Isfahan in 2015)

Volume 7, Issue 20, Winter 2016, Pages 179-198

ali hashemianfar; azam velayati; amirreza razi

9. Cultural Capital as a Bulwark against Social Alienation (Case Study: Students of Saqqez City)

Volume 6, Issue 17, Spring 2015, Pages 33-56

Mohammad Hariri; Hassan Salehnezhad

10. Sociological Study of Factors Affecting Consumption of Cinema (Case Study: Young Girls and Boys in Sari)

Volume 6, Issue 16, Winter 2015, Pages 9-26

Ghorbanali Ebrahimi; mahmoud Farhadi; Hadi Razeghi

11. A Survey of Media Literacy among Students in the Information Society in North Khorasan

Volume 3, Issue 7, Autumn 2012, Pages 43-56

Mahnaz Shojaee; Mahnaz Amirpour