Keywords = Sociological
Number of Articles: 5
1. The Sociological Study of Music Consumption (Case Study: the Youth of Sabzevar)

Volume 10, Issue 32, Winter 2019, Pages 91-100

Ebrahim Salehababi; Abolghasem Heidarabadi; Masoud Darabi

2. A Sociological Study on the Effective Factors Involving in Academic Failure (Case Study: Mazandaran High-School Students)

Volume 9, Issue 31, Autumn 2018, Pages 73-94

Manouchehr Pahlavan; Ali Asghar Shojaei; Mehrdad Salehi

3. Analysis and Consideration of Sociological Effect in Sasanian Period and its Relation with Symbolic Motifs in Sasanian art

Volume 9, Issue 28, Winter 2018, Pages 95-106

Nafiseh Sedaghat; Gholamali Hatam; Ali Asghar Mirfatah; Reza Shabani Samghabadi

5. Sociological Factors Influencing Tendency to Cultural Deviations (Case Study: Youth in Darrehshahr, Iran)

Volume 8, Issue 24, Winter 2017, Pages 61-72

Jaber Molaei; Gholam Reza Ghasemnezhad; Ali Ranjbareyan