Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and General Health among Delinquents and Normal Juveniles


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The present study investigated the relationship between emotional intelligence and the general health among delinquents and normal juveniles in Iran. The design of this study was ex-post facto design. Using a random stratified sampling technique from five districts of Iran, west, East, Norrth, South and the center: 339 juveniles (161 normal and 178 delinquent juveniles) were selected from it. Analysis of data was done with descriptive and inferential statistics such as Pearson correlation coefficient T independent test. The results showed a negative and significant relationship between components of emotional intelligence with the components of the general health among delinquent and normal juveniles there is also significant difference in components of emotional intelligence and components of general health in two groups. Delinquent juveniles got more scores in components of mental illness and less score in components of emotional intelligence.