A Sociological Analysis on the Students' Attitudes toward Islamic Religious Approximation


1 esfahan uni

2 khoramabad

3 tehran uni


The purpose of the present paper is a sociological analysis on the attitude of the Islamic religions approximation. It is an attempt to answer the question what the attitude of students is to the Islamic religions approximation. According to the theory which tends to Tzyshh and Krvmka, three conceptual elements, evaluative and action elements have been analyzed, and in terms of population, the total female students studying at the university in the academic year of 2012-13 were analyzed accordingly. This survey was conducted and data collection techniques were also used. This research is based on a sample of 366 ones by Cochrane formula selected for quota sampling method. The results showed a significant direct correlation between the variables used in the mass media, compliance friends and a significant inverse correlation between religiosity variables, religious compliance personalities, age and the level of education on attitudes of students to Islamic religions approximation.