A Comparison on Divorced and Married People's Attitudes toward the Role of TV Satellite in Family Cohesion


1 yazd

2 meybod


The main purpose of the present study is to examine the role of TV satellite programs on family cohesion in Yazd city. The study was conducted as a survey. The sample size of divorce of people were 211 and for married ones were 323. Those divorced respondents were selected using stratified sampling and married respondents were selected using random sampling. The instrument used here was a questionnaire Thus the validity and reliability of the scale assessed through Cronbach alpha and factor analysis. Cronbach alpha was more than 0.7 in all of construct variables. The score mean of negative effect of satellite in family cohesion was more than average. The findings show that there were a reverses and significant relationships between uses of satellite programs and attitude toward negative effect of satellite on family cohesion and the relationship between parents and children. Divorced ones and those who did not use the satellite had a negative attitude towards the impact of satellites on family more than others comparatively.