A Study on the Social Capital Components and its Impact on Women Security


mazandaran uni


Studying the relationship between social capital and social security is special importance particularly for women in urban space to approach a sustainable urban society. The main aim of this paper is to survey the impact of social capital components on women in a neighborhood scale. The methodology of the research is based on descriptive-analytical methods by conducting a field study to complete the given questionnaires. To measure social capital 5 components and 30 factors and for measuring security 4 components and 11 factors were used as well. To test the research hypotheses, T-test and Pearson correlation were applied. The results showed that among the five social capital components, only the component of social participation had an appropriate situation and the four components of trust, cohesion, social relation and knowledge showed a better situation and placed in higher level. The Pearson correlation indicated a significant relationship between social capital components and women security has the highest correlation and belonged to the component of social cohesion with a score of 0.309.