A Study on the Evolution of Cultural Identity among High school Girls(A Case Study of Horaman-e-Takht(Kurdestan Province)


tehran branch


In the era of information and communication the concept of identity is more fluid during the development of media and communications. Although this process in developing societies in slow compared with developed societies, but the point is that the mentioned process is an ongoing and structural patterns that lost their power for identification. The main subject of this study is the study on the evolution of cultural identity among high school girls(Asrae high school) in Horaman-e-Takht region in Kurdistan province. The method employed in this study is the qualitative method, particularly and depth interviews were used as the main means of collecting qualitative data. Then the results of qualitative data were shown in a model based on grounded theory principles. The findings study show that the modern elements have entered in girl's identity and they try to experience new resources in identification. Also some factors including school environment, media and developing the range of music provided the conditions of rethinking for traditional elements. So it could be said that unlike structuralist theories, Horaman's girls reconstruct their actions within social and cultural structures and they represent their identity separately from its traditional forms