A Study on the Function of Mobile Message in the Life of the Youth


1 Theran uni

2 tehran uni


Today, mobile and its effective presence in all aspects of human life has become undeniable. The presence compared to the internet and its effect is broader and more progressive. The mobile phones and especially applications such as the SMS services are no longer a technical tool but it has a various media function, cultural, social, economic, political and shaping its own culture. This paper aims to investigate the functions of political, religious, social and cultural effects of SMS and studies the opportunities and threats of this service in among them. In this study, two methods of qualitative research techniques using in-depth interviews of students has been conducted and the documentation of this study is a quantitative survey using a questionnaire in a sample population of 300 students at Allameh Tabatavaei university. The results show that social, political, cultural and religious disfunctionals are wider than the functional ones in the study sample.