A Study of Cultural Intelligence among Students of IAU at the East of Mazandaran University


1 garmsar branch

2 sari branch

3 ghaemshahr branch


Disregarding the cultural intelligence which is considered as a foundation in various aspects of human development, can lead students to lead students to develop unevenly. The main objective of this study was to evaluate the level of cultural intelligence, Islamic Azad University, the East Mazandaran province. The method of this study was a survey and the statistical population of 13,917 persons which is based on a stratified random sampling of 375 students from Morgan Tables ere selected. The tools for data collection was the standard inventory of cultural intelligence(Early and Ang, 2004). The data analysis using descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage) and inferential statistics (one-sample t-test) were performed. The results showed that the level of cultural intelligence and its components at Islamic Azad University, East Mazandaran province were higher than expected accordingly.