A Study on the Factors Affecting University Students' Attitudes on Marriage in Mahalat Payamnoor University)


1 Dehaghani uni

2 esfahan uni


Having to marry and the right attitude and proper criteria, the most important issue for having a healthy life. Therefore, it seems appropriate attitudes toward marriage and family life at the beginning of an important and necessary issue of the life. In order to clarify the meaning of marriage for young could turn into something easy. Perhaps having the right attitude in the context of marriage, marital back for future of the youth as one of the necessities of the research has been analyzed. The main purpose of this study, (the factors affecting university students' attitudes toward marriage). In this study, a survey questionnaire was used. We selected all students of Payamnoor Mahalat University. The stratified random sampling (proportional) was used and the sample size was 200. The results of using SPSS statistical software used in both descriptive and analytical level. The findings indicate that the vast majority of students generally have a positive view of marriage. All sampled students belong to middle-class people, so their views on a range of questions can be raised. The assumptions regarding to the possible impact of independent variables were rejected and the significant relationship between the independent variables (gender, age, education, occupation and income) and observed attitudes about marriage were analyzed too.