A Pathological Study of the Effect of Internet on the Social Isolation among the Students


payam noor


Digitalization of media is one of the outcomes of technologic relations in the new world. Flourishing contemporary technologies in the society resulted in transferring a large part of traditional face-to-face communication to virtual communication. Therefore, such process breaks down traditional patterns of human connections and developing the size of online relationships. In addition, one of the most important issues that were observed about social problems in the current world is the rate of social isolation and disconnection that mentally causes double hopelessness and lack of security and trust by means of deprivation senses and lack of satisfaction toward life. Author of this article aims at analyzing the pathology of using internet on youths social isolation among 180 students of Payamenoor University in different levels of education using researcher made questionnaire. Finding shows that using internet with Beta 28% has a direct impact on social isolation of users.