Sociological Study of Factors Affecting Consumption of Cinema (Case Study: Young Girls and Boys in Sari)


1 mazandaran uni

2 Central Tehran


Based on the data provided by the cultural authorities in the past 20 years, about 40 million audiences of cinema in Iran have been fallen. In other words, Iranians, on average, are spending only 15 minutes in a year at cinemas. The main objective of this study was to investigate this fact hence Bourdieu's theory was utilized to study the effects of social, cultural and economic capitals on cinematic consumption. Method of this study was survey and data collected by questionnaire. The sample included 400 young girls and boys of Sari. The findings of this study indicated that the effect of the three variables of social capital, cultural capital and economic capital on the dependent variable (consumption of cinema) was positive. So, this means that by increasing the social, cultural and economic capitals, consumption of cinema would be increased.