Evaluation of Students' Attitudes towards Cultural Activities and Institutions in the University (Case Study: Students of Mashhad Branch)


mashhad branch


The aim of this study was to evaluate the students' attitudes towards cultural activities and institutions in the university to improve it. This study was based on a survey method along with self-assessment questionnaire and stratified random sampling among 350 university students in the first semester of the academic year 1392-1391. For the validity and reliability of the questionnaire, face validity and Cronbach's alpha coefficient were used. The authors used Pearson correlation and ANOVA tests to analyze the data too. The results indicated that the mean score of students' knowledge towards the cultural activities and institutions was about 2.3, their interest rate 2.7 and its participation rate 2.3. Analytical results of the survey showed that there was a meaningful relationship between the knowledge of the students towards cultural activities and institutions and their interest towards participation in cultural activities and institutions. Also, there was a correlational relationship between students' interest rate and their participation in cultural activities and institutions