Analyzing the Tendency of Young People towards Marriage and Identifying its Obstacles and Problems


payam noor


This paper examines the obstacles of marriage and analyzes the tendency towards marriage in Hamedan Province. This paper uses survey data required a sample of 400 young individuals by using a multistage cluster sampling and stratified random sampling. The main obstacles of marriage in this study in terms of priority, were cultural obstacles with an average rank (4.94), social obstacles with an average rank (3.60), economic obstacles with an average rank (2.23), governance obstacles with an average rank (2.20) and individual obstacles with an average rank (2.02). It can be found that the average age of favored marriage was 19.24 in females and 26.63 in males. From the viewpoint of the young men and women, the most important criterion for marriage was mutual understanding with partner and the least important one related to the level of education and age difference. It can be resulted most of the youth in this study tend to marry but tendency of marriage in women was higher than men.