A Survey of Social Factors Influencing Social Consensus(Case Study: Bushehr Civic Families)


1 Shooshtar Branch

2 Ahwaz branch


The aim of this research is to study social factors influencing on social consensus. Sampling method was multi-process and included cluster and multistage sampling and sample size based on Cochran's Formula was 380 persons too. Data collection tools was questionnaire. In this research, the methods of data analysis were independent T-Test, Spearman Correlation Coefficient, Multivariate Regression Analysis and SPPS Software. The results showed that the mean of social consensus was moderate upward level. There was a positive and direct relationship among social stratification, social interaction, social relations, age, social trust and social consensus. There was a negative relationship between the education level and social consensus. Regression analysis represented that 17/3 percent of the social consensus level related to independent variables and social interaction, social stratification and social interaction variables influenced more on social consensus.