The Impact of Feeling Social Justice on Kurdish Youth's National Identity


1 kermanshah

2 Tehran

3 Roudehen branch


With regard to the close relationship existed between the dominant discourse and national identity, the present article undertakes to conduct, with the method of survey and the help of questionnaire, a research with the aim of understanding the degree of national identity among Kurd's young people and its relationship to the sense of social justice. The statistical population of this research consists of the Kurd citizens inhabited in the city of Qorveh and its size is equal to 299 people. Studies show that there is a significant correlation of 49/0 between citizen's senses of justice and their national identity and the higher sense of justice, the higher citizen's national identity. The results also reveal that the higher the degree of sense of economic, political, cultural and lingual justice of citizens, the stronger their national identity. Similarly, the findings of the study has confirmed the relationship between national identity and citizens.