A Sociological Survey of Subjective Evaluation of Social Health Indicators in the Youth (Case Study: Youth of Ghaen City in South Khorasan)


1 payam noor uni

2 payam nour uni


This Paper aims to measure social health of the youth. The theoretical framework of this research is based on the standard indicators of Keynesian and methodology of the survey is cross-correlation too. The population included 18-30 years old youth in South Khorasan in Ghaen. The sample size of 400 cases was selected based on f Cochran Formula through random cluster sampling and standardized questionnaire. The researchers have been studied Cronbach's alpha coefficients obtained 0/75 by helping SPSS software for analyzing research data along with descriptive and inferential statistical tests including Pearson correlation. The results show that there is a significant relationship between the sociological variables (age and economic-social status) and dependent variable (social health). There is a meaningful relationship between marital status and social health but there is no meaningful relationship between gender and social health.