A Survey of Family Factors Affecting 12-18 years old Teenager's Attitude towards Delinquency in Department of Correction and Rehabilitation of Gorgan City


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Family adverse condition can be favorable for delinquency, so existence of favorable conditions in the family will cause equally possible adolescent subjective, emotional, mental and social development. This is the most important step in delinquency prevention. The purpose of the study is to check the familial factors on the tendency of 12-18 years old teenagers towards delinquency in the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation of Gorgan city. This research is a cross-sectional study. The study is done through survey and questionnaire techniques. The findings show from 6 variables entered in research and family disorganization variable has the main impact and fundamental role in juvenile delinquency with 0.454 coefficients. This variable can itself predict 0.30 percent of variance of attitudes in adolescent delinquency. The survey showed that family factors affected in juvenile delinquency. Among familial factors family disorganization, family relationships, parental control, religious beliefs of the family and deviation of the family members have coefficient relationship with the attitude of adolescents to delinquency.