Investigating the Relationship between Social-cultural Factors and Moral Vulnerability(Case Study: Male Students of Yazd City)


yazd uni


Pathology and determination of students' moral vulnerability is significant step in their security against cultural, social, value, and moral changes. The present study has been done to assess the students' moral vulnerability. The theoretical framework composed of theories of Durkheim, Englehart and Lerner. By the survey technique, this study has examined the relationship between the moral vulnerability rate and socio-cultural factors influencing it among male students in the city of Yazd. The number of 386 persons was selected by multi-stage cluster sampling method for statistical sample. The research findings show that there was no significant relationship between the media usage and moral vulnerability. Multivariate regression analysis showed that variables of social acceptance, traditional -religious commitment reduction and western lifestyle explained 63% of the variance of the dependent variable of moral vulnerability.