The Youth's Socio-economic Challenges and Family Ideals (Case Study: Persons aged 15-17 in Sanandaj City)


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Iranian youth presently forms third percent of the total population. The demographic ideals and behaviors of this proportion of population play the important role in demographic phenomenon and equations of the society. The present study has investigated some of the youth's socio-economic challenges and its denotation for marriage and childbearing ideals among the youth of Sanandaj city. The research data was raised from survey method that collected from 240 young persons aged 15-29 with a questionnaire. The analysis of the data is indicated that employment, monetary-economic problems, educations, marriage and the lack of clear outlook about future are the most important challenges of the youth in the region. Of course, these challenges were different according to people's demographic backgrounds and they are influential on their marriage and childbearing ideals too. Finally, in this regard, it has suggested that government and other involving organizations should be pace in removal of the youth's problems insistently and give the much attention and endeavor to this enormous stratum and valuable potency of the society.