The Investigation of Relationship between Visual Media and Lifestyle (Case Study: Youth of Ahvaz city)


1 payam noor iran

2 shostar branch

3 uni


Life style has important role in the creation of individual and collective identity and can form behavioral pattern of people in the new world. Among these, the mass media has an important role in life styles and patterns of daily life of the community, and severely affected, and people under the influence of the media form their preferences and values. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between the use of visual media and youth lifestyles in Ahvaz city. The method of this study was social survey and population of the study consisted of all young people in the city of Ahvaz, which is based on Cochran’s formula and multistage cluster sampling, 384 people have been selected. The researcher-made questionnaires were used to measure. To analyze the data, the statistical percentage, average, standard deviation, correlation, multiple regression analysis was used. The result show that there is a significant relationship between the visual media and aspects of lifestyle (leisure activities, deviant behavior and choice of clothing and grooming young people), But there is no significant relationship between visual media and aspect of buying accessories and home decoration style and the marriage criteria change in young people. Multivariate stepwise regression analysis shows that the satellite channels have the greatest impact on the lifestyle of youth in Ahvaz city. In general, the independent variables could explain 38/25 percent of lifestyle changes.