The Study of Tendency toward Various Types of Music among Young People in Zanjan


1 Zanjan

2 Babol Branch

3 Tehran

4 Zanjan Branch


     There are several reasons for usage of music and musical activities. Music is part of artistic activities of human beings. Perhaps people are exposed to music more than other artistic works in their daily lives. Due to the necessity of considering music as a part of human identity, we tried to study the amount of music used by young people in Zanjan based on four hypothesis: cultural lifestyle, satisfaction of needs, factors of sociability, and individual factors as important factors in usage of various types of music. The research community is young people of Zanajn province. Based on Kokaran Formula a sample consisting 310 people was obtained and questionnaires were distributed accidentally in 3 areas of the city (uptown area, city center, downtown). According to the results of the research, we can conclude that among individual factors, married people regarding marital status, employed people in private sector regarding the employment, those who own a house in uptown regarding the house ownership had more tendency toward music and, among independent factors (lifestyle, satisfaction of needs, factors of sociability), the highest correlation was related to the satisfaction of needs and then sociability and lifestyle. As it is demonstrated by the descriptive factors of the research that the most tendency was toward traditional music and the least tendency was toward rock music.