Investigating the Relationship between Cultural Capital and Environmental Behavior among Youth Employed in Asalouyeh (South Pars)


1 Payam nour

2 babolsar

3 uni


Investigating the relationship between cultural capital and environmental behaviors among youth employed in Asalouyeh (South Pars) is the main purpose of this study. Secondary objective of the study is to discover relationship between social associations, social norms and social trust and environmental social behaviors of the employees of south Pars. The research method in this study was survey method. The population is 60,850 people of South Pars employees that have been chosen using Cochran formula with sample size of 381 people. This statistical population is done by cluster sampling. The authors processed data using AMOS and SPSS software. The results of the statistical analysis obtained through data regression model and Pearson Correlation Coefficient. Significance levels in three variables of social associations, social norms and social trust were 0.00 (smaller than 0.05) and also significance levels of structural equalities using AMOS software were 0.027, 0.024 and 0.012 respectively and hence all are smaller than 0.05, the author concluded that there was a relationship between the study assumptions and environmental social behaviors of South Pars. In the other words, all these three assumptions in this study have been confirmed.