Study of Cultural Capital and Physical Self-Concept among Young Women (A Case Study of Women Aged 18-40 in Isfahan in 2015)


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2 dehaghan


   Physical self-concept or perception of physical self is one of the main factors and properties of perception of one’s identity, especially of the youth which has recently been the center of attention of experts in different branches of humanities and social sciences. In fact, perception of body can be considered one of the most important factors that inevitably influence many of our social relations. This perception among women is significantly important in terms of historical experience and structural approach. The present research has been conducted with respect to the significance of this issue in current situation of women in Iranian society and its main purpose has been to find out whether there is a relation between physical perception and cultural capital among women. To this end, a number of 220 women between 18 to 40 years old of the population living in Esfahan were selected as the statistical sample and were studied using a questionnaire. Amose 18 was used in statistical analysis and a two-step analysis was used to study the relation between cultural capital and women’s perception of their physical selves (physical perception). Considering the measurement indicators of the graphic model, research hypothesis was confirmed and results showed that there is a significant relation between the two variables of cultural capital and physical perception among women.