- A Survey of Social and Cultural Factors Influencing Childbearing in Andimeshk with Emphasis on Lifestyle (Case Study: Married Women less than 35 Years Old)


1 andimeshk

2 shoshtar


This study tries to study the social and cultural factors influencing childbearing in Andimeshk with emphasis on lifestyle. Glidden's and Bourdieu's modernism viewpoints are the base of this research. The authors used survey method and married women less than 35 years old as the sample. Spearman's' regression, Pearson, multivariate regression and SPSS applied for the analysis of this study. Reliability of the lifestyle and trend in childbearing was 0/711 and 0/714 respectively. The results showed that there was a meaningful and positive relationship between sexual preference and trend in childbearing. But there was a negative and meaningful relationship between following the traditions, education level, lifestyle and social and economic status with trend in childbearing. Regression analysis showed 17/3 percent of the changes in women's' trend to childbearing related to independent variables (lifestyle, socioeconomic status, sexual preference, following the tradition) and variables of sexual preference and following the tradition had the most influence in childbearing.