Influence of Cultural Capital on Social Trust (Case Study: Citizen 18 Years Old and above in Tehran




The main purpose of this study is to examine the influence of cultural capital on social trust. One of the main dimensions of social capital which plays an important role in making relationships among individuals is social trust. It seems that cultural capital has an important role in explanation of social trust. Therefore, this study tried to show the level of cultural capital of social trust changes. This research was done by using survey method and a questionnaire. Population including people 18 years old and above will be in Tehran and the sample also includes 846 people. The results indicated the different dimensions of social trust in the north and south of the city. Multivariate linear regression of independent variables and dependent variable showed that three variables in the final model had negative influence on social trust variable. The final model could state 31/1 percent of the dependent variable (social trust) and in this regard the influence of objected cultural capital on the variable of social trust was more than the two other dimensions of cultural capital ( embodied and institutional).