The Causes of Generation Gap in Socio-cultural Values of Parents and Children in Esfahan Province




   Transmission era from tradition to modernity has been accompanied by cultural, economic, social and political changes. Rapid Social and Cultural changes of recent decades in developing countries, including Iran, have affected the Social and Cultural Values of Parents and children and have caused what is named as “Generation Gap”. The purpose of this paper is to designate the relationship between the old generation and the new generation, parents and children, and categorizing differential aspects of relations between parents and children in terms of social, cultural features of parental generation. Fieldwork, in Isfahan province and using a questionnaire technique, was conducted. The sample size was consisted of 1536 individuals and population consisted of (35 year-old and older) and boys and girls (15 to 34 years old) resided in Isfahan province. The sample size was divided equally among the four groups in urban and rural areas and multi stage stratified random sampling method is conducted. The obtained data reveals the fact that there is a significant difference between the parent’s Social and Cultural Values and of the youths; Statistical tests show that some variables are effected on the generation difference in the subject of the survey; among these variables, as the tests revealed, power and experience in socialization period of the life, job position, education level, socio-economic status and the amount of the usage of internet and satellite TV programs are effective variables that causes these differences.