Sociological Analysis of Factors Affecting Satisfaction in Student Marriage


1 tehran

2 Tehran


This study was performed to examine the role of sociological factors on marital satisfaction among students who participate in the celebration of the student marriage. All married students who had student marriage are selected as a statistical society across the country. Using snowball sampling, 97 students, having student marriage and participating in the celebration of the student marriage, have been chosen as a sample. The data were analyzed by using SPSS software. To analyze the data Pearson correlation, analysis of variance test and test f were used. Checking the marital satisfaction and success indicators shows that in all nine indicators specified for married students, the highest score in all indicators belongs to the deep satisfaction and all respondents are completely satisfied in these indicators and student marriages can be among the most successful types of marriage. Based on this study it can be concluded that students should marry a person who is like to him in sexual, educational, economic and psychological aspect.

� وØ‌ود ندارد. همچنین مشخص شد  کارگاه آموزشی مهارت­Ù‡Ø§ÛŒ تدریس برحسب رشته تحصیلی تفاوت معنی­Ø¯Ø§Ø±ÛŒ بین اساتید  گروه علوم اØ‌تماعی وعلوم پایه وØ‌ود ندارد و اساتید با هر مرتبه علمی (مربی، استادیار) به یک اندازه ازکارگاه آموزشی مهارت­Ù‡Ø§ÛŒ تدریس متأثر بودند.