Assessing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and its Influencing Factors on Entrepreneurial Skills among Taught Young People in comparison with Untaught Trainees in Technical and Vocational Training Organization


1 Tehran

2 babol branch


    According to the position of great technical and vocational training organization in the country, it seems that this organization is located in a position that can be provided through a range of technical and vocational training and plays a fundamental role in the development of entrepreneurial effect and spirit of young people. The present study investigated the role of entrepreneurship education in increasing the spirit of entrepreneurship teaching. In this study, in fact, comparison and cross-sectional correlation schemes studied. The population consists of young taught people (18-30 years). It was used Cochrane method by using sample size of 203 people because of the increased reliability and validity of the study, sample size of n = 203 increased to 219. To analyze the data SPPS software were used and the results obtained represent the entrepreneurial spirit so that it can be a positive function of entrepreneurial training in order to boost morale Entrepreneurship and thereby reduce unemployment of youth entrepreneurs. Hence in order to enhance the role of technical and vocational education in the development of entrepreneurship, the authors offers technical and vocational centers, universities and schools must apply successful trainees to present Entrepreneurial education and activate the entrepreneurial council offices.