Analytical Study of the Social Values and Norms of Youth in Saddi's Gulistan Based on Contemporary Sociological Theories


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Iran is the cradle of literature, culture and ethics. Paying attention to ethics has always been considered by sages as an important necessity. There were also some poets who had the sociological look upon the society, in addition to relying on moral and social issues. Saadi is one of those poets whose works has overtaken others. He illuminates and deals with the roots of social problems like a sociologist and tries to convey the moral and religious doctrines with a simple language for different groups of people, especially young people. Saddi’s Gulistan is an encyclopedia of sociological theories. This book had been teaching for approximately many years as a good book on edification and purity especially for youth. Since the last two chapters of this literary masterpiece allude to more than ninety problems including ethical, social, humanistic and educational ones, an attempt was made to point out some of these problems and compare them with two or three new theories of contemporary sociology.