A Study of the Social Factors Influencing Faroojian People's Attitude towards Modern Media (Satellite)




The aim of this study was to find out the attitude of Faroojian people towards modern media (satellite) and social factors affecting it. This survey used questionnaire and random sampling. To gather data, sample selected among 380 people over 18 years old. For measuring the validity and stability of this study we used face validity and Cronbach's alpha. By using SPSS, the data were analyzed descriptively and interferential. In descriptive level many charts and diagrams related to variables which were analyzed and in interferential level, we used multiple regression to analyze Pearson correlation coefficient and variance analysis of available relations. Final results stated that, anticipation aspects like anticipation for benefits, had a great effect on foreseeing people’s attitude towards modern media and on the basis of the drawn conclusion of Pearson correlation coefficient and variance analysis, there was a meaningful correlation between anticipation of benefits, expectation of others, previous experience and education.  On the other hand, according to findings, there was no correlation between gender, age and state of marriage (p > 05/0).