Role of the Globalization of Communications (Internet and Satellite) on Young Women’s Leisure Time (Case study: Young Women in Mazandaran)




Today, leisure time is changing by globalization and using of information technology. Most of people especially women prefer to spend their leisure time by modern technologies. Thus, they spend their leisure time to look up satellite programs and use of the internet. This research has done for sociological consideration of the globalization of communications (internet  & satellite) on leisure time. Young women in Chalous city of Mazandaran state are regarded as statistical population and statistical sampling is determined 374 persons based on Cochran model. This paper uses related theories in theoretical foundations and finally introduces the theoretical model of the research.  Here, by using field studies and survey method, questionnaire distributed after validation and reliability among interviewees. By data collection, they are analyzed based on inferential statistics and using SPSS program. Results show inverse relation between use of internet and active leisure time, internet and non-active leisure time, satellite and non-active leisure time, internet and traditional leisure time, use of satellite and traditional leisure time and meaningful relation between use of the internet and traditional–modern leisure time and the satellite and traditional–modern leisure time. Also, there is no relation between satellite and active leisure time.