Sociological Study of Cultural Postmodernism Impact on the Responsibility of the Youth in Tehran


1 university

2 Quchan Branch


      Social responsibility as an important process in any society have contributed to the development and strengthening of sustainable community and its growth, but it will not be possible to identify the factors influencing responsible behavior. This study aims to "investigate the effects on the social responsibility of young people on Post Modern Culture in Tehran. Theoretical Foundation of variables and parameters of the study on the theoretical basis by Harvey, Jameson, Bauman, Baudrillard, Giddens, Bourdieu, Inglehart, has been developed. In order to achieve this goal, the responsibility of the youth of the various influential variables as independent variables was used postmodern. In this study significantly dependent variable with independent variables were evaluated. Results from a survey questionnaire and data collected have its validity and reliability. The population of young people in Teheran comprises of about 18 to 29 years of age. SPSS results indicate that the responsibility variables affect postmodern. The results revealed that cultural postmodern significant relationship with the youth's responsibility. Taking a central component of the value (3.29) is the highest amount of average rethinking the value of the component with the lowest average value is 2.78.