The Social Impact of Telegram as a Social Network on Teaching English Vocabulary among Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners ( Payam Noor Center)


1 Babol

2 Tonekabon


Telegram is now considered as one of the most famous platform online social networks among media university students. Nowadays, the immense popularity of social networking websites such as Telegram has created new opportunities for English learners. Accordingly, the present study aims to investigate whether Telegram would be an effective and easy learning tool of vocabulary for Iranian female EFL learners at Intermediate Level at Payam Noor University, Babol, Iran. The participants in this study were 50 female EFL learners, ranging from 18-28 years old, selected from 100 cases. Pretest and posttest were also used to assess learners' knowledge about vocabulary taught during the session (four weeks). The data were collected and analyzed by SPSS. The results indicated that in spite of the popularity of social networks, Telegram learning can bring unique technological and pedagogical advantages for EFL learners and has a significantly positive effect on the development of vocabulary learning. The findings of this study are considered to be useful in English methodology issue.