The Relationship between Family Function and Marital Satisfaction with Marital Disaffection of Married Teachers in Behshahr


1 Department of Social Sciences, Babol Branch, Islamic Azad University, Babol, Iran

2 Department of Social Sciences, Ayatollah Amoli Branch, Islamic Azad University, Amol, Iran


The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between family function and marital satisfaction with marital disaffection of married couples (teachers)  in Behshahr.   The research method is descriptive and co-relational. The study sample group consisted of 250 married teachers in 2016, of which 150 of them were selected according to Morgan random sampling. The research instruments were the scale of marital boredom (CBM), couple satisfaction's Enricho questionnaire and McMaster Family Assessment Method (FAD). For data analysis, two independent and multivariate regression tests were calculated with SPSS 20 software in both descriptive and inferential levels using Pearson correlation coefficient. The results showed that there was a positive and direct relation between family functions and marital boredom parameters. There was a negative and reverse relation between couple's satisfaction and marital disaffection. There were significant differences in the marital disaffection in male and female married teachers. Family functions and marital satisfaction of the couple have not been able to predict marital disaffection. So it can be concluded as family function and marital satisfactions of couples have an important role in the development of boredom, so effective treatment (family and couple therapy) can be effective in reducing this problem of marriage.