Investigating the Factors Affecting the Women's Political Participation (aged 20-40 years) in 2015 (Case Study: City of Sanandaj)


1 Department of Political Science, Payam Noor University, Tehran

2 Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran


The subject matter of this paper is an investigation of factors affecting the women s' presence in politics (aged 20-40 years) in 2015 (Case study: City of Sanandaj). Political participation is regarded as one of the major development indices. If the political development is considered as meaning "expansion of participation and competition of social groups in the political life", one of its prerequisites will be undoubtedly political participation. The significance of the women 's presence in political arena for reaching an all-out development is emphasized by policy makers.  It is for this reason that examining factors that could be effective on the women 's political participation looks necessary so that level and degree of political participation of the women can be promoted and developmental goals can be obtained. The sample size of this research involving age group (20-40 years) consists of 377 people in the city of Sanandaj. The methodology is survey based and tools for gathering data is a questionnaire and via SPSS software. Findings revealed that there is a significant relationship between political trust, political awareness, families' inclination, voluntary organizations and political participation.