A Sociological Study on the Effective Factors involving in the Attitudes of Male Students and Vandalism at High Schools in Khoramabad

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1 Ass.Prof. at I.A.U of Arak Branch

2 M.A Student of Sociology


This paper studies the effective factors involving in the attitudes of make students toward vandalism at high –schools in 2012-2013. Theories which applied here are ratio communication of Sutherland, kellawarel and online. Merton anomie, Heir chi's social ties and Good's family structure Throuah Cochran's formula more than 376 ones were chosen. The data wave analyzed  by   SPSS and  the statistics indexes like Kendal's  tests, and Gamma wave  used. The results showed that there is meaningful relationship between economic statues, less education, family separation, and violence, crime background, cultural poverty. Relation with  Criminals, decimation, antisocial, no participation, No Mutual attachment with student's attitudes to vandalism. Except no free time  activity.