A Study on the Structure of Social Networks Bonds(A Comparative Study in Babol)

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1 Professor in Sociology of Islamic Azad University of Tehran(Northern Iran)

2 Professor in Sociology of Islamic AzadUniversity of Babol Branch

3 MA. of Social Research from Islamic Azad University of Tehran(Northern Branch


Ties and social bonds are considered as social capital and assets of the person and the person can be accessed at these links from the resources and support has great importance in sociology. The overall goal of this research was to study social networks and social ties of women and their husbands, living in Babol. Types of social networks(formal relationships, informal relationships) and the structure of social networks(range, density, hierarchy, distance, power link) as dependent variables and gender(women and husbands) as independent variables are involved in the study. The Methodology is Survey and Sampling, is snowball. The sample included 270 person(135 couples) .
Based on the findings, the types of social network of married men and women, , has no significant difference , and men and then women in  formal and informal relationships have the same membership. The preference of  official relations, primarily with family and friends of the couple they have relationship with their colleagues, but no relationship with neighbors and the results are not significantly different between women and their husbands. The structure of social network of married men and women, haven't significant differences with each other.


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