The Effective Social Factors Influencing on the Attitude of Leisure Time among Female Students in Amol

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1 Ass. Prof. at of I.A.U of Babol

2 M.A. on Sociology


This research is on the effective social factors influencing on the attitude of leisure time among female students in Amol(Northern Iran) over 380 students aged from 15-18 were randomly chosen. And the survey method through questionnaire were used to collect required data.
Statistical indexes and SPSS Software were applied for research analysis.
This research was done through functionalist and structuralist framework theory. The results show that parent's education, students' participation, family economic status, technological accessibility and peer groups have significant influence on the attitude of leisure time in the study.


. ارکان، فخرالملوک، 1383، بررسی نحوه گذران اوقات­ فراغت دانش آموزان، طرح تحقیقاتی سازمان آموزش و پرورش استان یزد.

2. اصغری، ساساندخت، 1385، بررسی نحوه گذران اوقات­ فراغت دانش آموزان دختر منطقه 14 تهران، بی­­جا.

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5. شعاعی،فرانک،1377، بررسی­ارتباط چگونگی­گذران اوقات­فراغت­تابستانی­ومیزان­علاقه­مندی نوجوانان دختر ­دردبیرستان­های­دخترانه­منطقه11شهرتهران،دانشکده­علوم­پزشکی،پایان­نامه کارشناسی­ارشد.

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